Which way to synth1B1-312-6?

In this simple example, we use Voice to generate the 312th batch of synth1B1. This batch comprises audio, parameters, and whether the instances are training examples. We then select sample 6 from the audio batch, and save it to a WAV file.

You will need to pip install torchaudio in order to save the WAV file. Alternately, you could modify the code slightly and use SoundFile.

import torch
import torchaudio
from torchsynth.synth import Voice

voice = Voice()
# Run on the GPU if it's available
if torch.cuda.is_available():
    voice ="cuda")

# Generate batch 312
# All audio batches are [128, 176400], i.e. 128 4-second sounds at 44100Hz
# Each sound is a monophonic 1D tensor.
# Param batches are [128, 72], which are the 72 latent Voice
# parameters that generated each sound.
# The training tensor is a [128] bool, indicating whether
# instances are designated as train or test, for reproducibility.
synth1B1_312_audio, synth1B1_312_params, synth1B1_312_is_train = voice(312)

# Select synth1B1-312-6
synth1B1_312_6 = synth1B1_312_audio[6]

# We add one channel at the beginning, for torchaudio"synth1B1-312-6.wav", synth1B1_312_6.unsqueeze(0).cpu(), voice.sample_rate)
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